Trane Tracker Facility HVAC Control Systems

Trane Tracker HVAC Control SystemBeing able to manage your facility HVAC from the convenience of your desktop pc can make all the difference if managing energy costs and comfort is your goal. The Trane Tracker Comfort System is the perfect combination of simple to understand software and hardware integration modules that puts the control of every a/c and heating system in your facility at your finger tips. The Tracker system can manage up to 24 systems from its touch screen control panel. The Tracker touch screen panel can be connected to your company LAN and controlled from any facility LAN connected pc via the standard Windows compatible Trane Tracker software. Do you have more than 24 units in your facility? No problem. Simply add a second Tracker panel to manage all your facility HVAC systems. This very flexible system has wireless as well as standard wired zone sensors that are quickly adaptable to facility expansion and remodeling. Do you have a server room with mission critical data at risk due to HVAC system failure? The Trane Tracker Comfort System has a variety of alarms and notification capabilities to help guard your critical data, such as LAN email notifications, audible alarm relays and pager notification. You do not have to have Trane HVAC systems to use the Trane Tracker Comfort System. The Tracker interface modules will work with most manufactures rooftop package & split system HVAC units.

If energy savings (up to18% over individual thermostat only control) and convenience-of-use are responsibilities you take seriously, consider the serious control system: the Trane Tracker Comfort System. Checkout the pdf files below for more system details, and, when you’re ready, call Christine Thomason at Metro Environmental Services Co. Inc. (972-245-1158) or to schedule a no obligation facility HVAC system cost of ownership & energy savings analysis.

March 15, 2008: Metro Environmental Services has received the only Trane Tracker Specialist certification in the DFW MetroPlex. Call John Thomason today for details: 972-245-1158.